Proud to be Different!

RedDoor Publishing is a new and innovative publishing house that bridges the gap between traditional publishing and self-publishing services. We operate exactly as a traditional publishing house would except that our authors underwrite the cost of publishing the UK edition of their book.

Our service is entirely selective. To our knowledge we are the only service applying robust selection criteria to the books we publish in exactly the same way as we did when we were working for some of the major publishing houses, such as Orion, Anova, Hodder or HarperCollins. We believe that by doing this we will create a strong and credible list of brilliant books that should be given the opportunity to reach readers.

The reason we operate an entirely selective policy is that we want our books to be recognised as great books that are professionally published to the highest standards. Our authors have worked hard to create their books – and we work hard to ensure they then become the best they can be. We want our books to rub shoulders with the literary greats – but they need to deserve to.

We offer a more collaborative publishing experience than that offered in most traditional houses. We apply our core values of quality, credibility and integrity to every book we publish and we work closely with our authors to ensure that they are involved with every step of the process – as much or as little as they want to be. We guide, advise and recommend and, by marketing, selling, and representing subsidiary rights to our books we remain invested in each book as long as it is in print.

Our books are sold into the trade by Compass who visit high street and online retailers as well as non-traditional outlets and libraries. We manage foreign and translation rights in-house and distribute our books worldwide through a variety of distribution partners.

We are an award-winning team that publishes brilliant fiction, excellent commercial non-fiction and ground-breaking business books, so if you feel your book would be at home with us please take a look at our submission guidelines and send it in. We would love to hear from you.

So please have a look around the site, check out the latest news, browse our lovely books and sign up to our newsletter. Whatever you choose to do, we hope you enjoy browsing and reading our books as much as we have enjoyed bringing them to life.

Check out RedDoor author Tim Drake talking about his book, Generation Cherry, on The Wright Stuff!

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